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Letters to Dr. Byrd from Lipedema Sufferers

Lipedema patients needing help

Letters to Dr. Byrd from Lipedema Sufferers

Posted by Lipedema Lipo Center in About Lipedema 29 Dec 2015

Every day Dr. Marcia Byrd receives letters and emails from all over The United States and Canada from women who think they have lipedema or who have been diagnosed as having lipedema. There are very few surgeons in the country who perform the WAL (water-jet assisted liposuction) that removes the affected fat cells and excess fluids in the problem areas. Read here just a sampling from the hundreds who have reached out to Dr. Byrd for help.

Letters to Dr. Marcia Byrd from Lipedema suffers:

From an inquirer in New Mexico:

I have just been diagnosed with Lipedema – I am at a stage 3 – 4 and I would like to see if you can do a consult on the phone or Skype so I can see if I can get the surgery approved and start to feel better physically so I can exercise again.

From an emailer in New York:

For YEARS I have had pain and general lethargy in my legs— If the 8# dog jumped on my lap I would jolt from the pain. My lower body has ALWAYS been larger than upper body and I was an athlete. I fear I have this condition and that it’s progressing to a 3rd stage perhaps. Would love to get something done before it takes over my life.

From a interested party in Michigan:

I was mis-diagnosed but now I know it is lipedema. I am in pain every day. I am seeking out treatment and hoping that my insurance will help.

I live in Michigan and cannot find anyone in the state that treats this condition.

I have been searching the internet and have emailed NY, LA and now GA to see what the options are.

Can you help me?

From an emailer in southeastern Michigan:

I have been living with lipedema, it’s becoming excruciatingly painful. Every day with the smallest of activities I am reminded by the pain and lack of ability to do things. I am interested in this procedure and curious how much it averages. Would an insurance company cover part of it, since its cosmetic surgery needed for a medical condition?

From interested party in Idaho:

I am very interested in lipedema liposuction! I have advanced stage two lipedema and am struggling with the effects of the prolonged advancement of lipedema on my body.

From a person Buffalo, NY:

I’m in the early stages of lipedema, excessive leg pain, increasing fat and cellulite in the legs regardless of diet and exercise.

From Jill in Norfolk, VA:

I think I might have lipedema and would like information about an initial consultation to include the cost.

From an inquirer in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

I will be in Georgia. I would like to have a consultation completed while I’m there. I believe I have lipedema and would like to explore WAL as a possible treatment.

From a person in Ottawa, Canada:

Hi, I have mild lipedema in my calves. I saw a doctor today who told me I would just have to live with it although it’s causing me pain and I fear it progressing. At 17 I’m very interested in liposuction to aid my lipedema. Is there any way this procedure can be covered by health care? If not how much on average is the pricing?

From someone in North Carolina:

Am suffering from what I believe to be stage III lipedema. Have the pain, large disproportionate legs, large buttocks, small waist and upper body. Had gastric bypass three years ago…can wear a medium size shirt but still in size 18 pants. Can you help?

From an emailer in New Jersey:

I have been searching the internet, for more information on lipedema. After years of being miserable diagnosed, I finally came to learn I have lipedema. I found your website and learn of this lipo surgery to help my condition. What would this procedure cost. I am from NJ. And need help.


Could You Have Lipedema?

If you think you may have lipedema, contact Dr. Marcia Byrd for a consultation. It’s very important to seek help early because this condition progresses in stages. If it reaches stage 4, there’s very little you can do at that point.

Dr. Marcia Byrd practices at Byrd Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Center in Roswell, GA which is just north of Atlanta, GA. Dr. Byrd performs WAL liposuction on lipedema patients daily at her in-house surgical center. Dr. Byrd is an experienced liposuction surgeon and has been in practice for over 20 years.

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