lipedema or lymphedema Lipedema and lymphedema are fat disorders that are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. They are chronic conditions that affect millions of women worldwide, and yet remain largely unknown. There are many misconceptions about lipedema and lymphedema, including that it is obesity, cellulite, cosmetic issues.

Lipedema and Lymphedema

Lipedema and lymphedema are two different conditions, but they are both characterized by abnormal fluid retention and swelling. Lymphedema is caused by an impaired lymphatic system, while lipedema is caused by abnormal fat deposits. While they may have similar symptoms, they are two disparate conditions which must be treated differently.
Lipedema is a chronic, progressive fat disorder that affects women, primarily in legs and hips. It is estimated that about 11% of women suffer from lipedema. It is typically hereditary and the cause is unknown. Not only that, but it is characterized by the accumulation of excessive fat deposits in the lower limbs.
Lymphedema is a medical condition in which abnormal accumulations of lymphatic fluid cause swelling in the involved tissue. It can be caused by malformation of the lymphatic vessels, trauma to the lymphatic vessels and other conditions.
Both conditions need to be managed, as they can have serious adverse effects if left untreated, such as infection, ulcerations and limb disfigurement. Treatment for lipedema usually involves diet, exercise and compression therapy, while lymphedema is managed through physical therapy, exercise, bracing, and manual lymphatic drainage.

Lipedema Surgical Treatment

Yes, there is hope for those suffering with lipedema! Dr. Marcia Byrd, founder of the Lipedema Surgery Center, has developed the unique liposuction technique specifically to safely and effectively treat the pain and fat present in lipedema.

Lipedema liposuction surgery is the only procedure Dr. Marcia Byrd performs. She has dedicated her practice to treating lipedema patients and has performed thousands of successful surgeries.

Facts About Lipedema Liposuction Surgery

  • It has been proven safe and effective.
  • Water-Jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) is the highly specialized technique used by Dr. Byrd.
  • Performed by Dr. Byrd under local anesthesia providing more comfort and more flexibility, faster recovery.
  • Preserves the delicate lymphatics to prevent lymphedema
  • Insurance may now cover the surgery

Treatment for Lymphedema

Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is the gold standard for treating lymphedema and consists of a decongestion phase, followed by a maintenance phase.

Treatment Options May Include:

  1. Exercise. Exercise helps to restore flexibility and strength, and it improves drainage. …
  2. Bandage. Wearing a customized compression sleeve or elastic bandage may help to prevent an accumulation of fluid.
  3. Arm pump. …
  4. Diet. …
  5. Keep the arm raised. …
  6. Infection Prevention.

While Dr. Byrd does not treat lymphedema, she can refer you to a lymphedema specialist.