up-close photo of a woman's hands who is meditating on the beachWhen the lymphatic system functions normally, it balances fluid levels and defends the body against infection. In a small percentage of the female population the system malfunctions, and body fat is disproportionately distributed. Initially, fat concentrates in the buttocks and legs. The pear-like imbalance between the top half of the body and the bottom half is exaggerated. Eventually, the problem escalates to a painful condition called lipedema, which is often confused with regular obesity. As it progresses, lipedemic fat blocks the vessels of the lymphatic system which causes another condition called lymphedema. This is not news to individuals who suffer from this distressing disease or to Dr. Marcia V. Byrd at the Lipedema Surgery Center in Roswell, GA, who is a leading expert on treating this disfiguring condition. Dr. Byrd is passionate about helping lipedema patients by easing their pain and inflammation through water-assisted liposuction, tumescent liposuction, and a variety of other proven treatments.

There are several nonsurgical approaches known to alleviate the discomfort of lipedema:

  • Compression- reduces the fluid build up
  • Massage-stimulates the flow of lymph and helps drainage
  • Exercise-helps reduce fluid buildup and improve mobility
  • Cleanliness of skin and nails: lowers the risk of wounds/infection
  • Diet: lowers inflammation in the body

Dr. Byrd, a committed and empathetic doctor, provides invaluable counseling to her patients about how to cope with this chronic inflammatory condition and improve their quality of life.

Recent studies have shown that meditation, which focuses on the mind/body connection, is therapeutic. Mindfulness meditation, in particular, has proven successful since it increases the individual’s sense of well-being, promotes self-compassion, and positively impacts body image. Since meditation can be done any place or any time of the day, it can be used as a tool to stay in control of worry and pain and strengthen a patient’s ability to accept the physical constraints of lipedema.

Mindfulness meditation (MM) helps individuals train themselves to focus on the present moment. It allows the practicer to experience body sensations from on observer’s standpoint. In that way, sensations pass and the pain deemphasized. The mind-body connection has long been an accepted fact in the medical world. Mindfulness training has been used successfully with lipedema and a number of other chronic conditions such as anxiety disorders, cancer, and epilepsy. The practice has also shown to have a positive effect on body image. When practiced regularly, MM activates the mind-body connection and paves the way for lipedema sufferers to enjoy life instead of endure it.

Lipedema can make you feel frustrated and powerless. Dr. Marcia Byrd at the Lipedema Surgery Center in Roswell, GA, is a compassionate doctor who is an expert on lipedema and knows which therapies are most successful. Call today to set up an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Byrd is known locally and nationally for her dedication to and accomplishments in treating lipedema patients.

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