Poor Circulation Causes Problems

medical_illustration_of_compression_stockingsAs a lipedema specialist, Marcia V. Byrd, M.D., board-certified surgeon at The Lipedema Surgery Center wants to alleviate suffering for her patients who are diagnosed with lymph disorders. One effective treatment involves prescribing and fitting compression garments. 

Lymph disorders cause problems circulating lymph back to the venous system. Lipedema patients have experienced great relief from using compression garments on a daily basis. Since lipedema allows excess fluid to become trapped in the legs and sometimes the arms, the tight-fitting nylon increases the pressure in the tissue and encourages better circulation. Without compression garments, any activity, even standing, can be painful. Swelling worsens to the point where the sufferer does not want to even try to move. 

Relief from Swelling

Compression garments reduce the swelling and related pain and tenderness, which allows the patient more freedom of movement. Minimizing swelling is important for pain relief, but also to prevent the disease from progressing. Since, at the moment, Lipedema is not curable, it’s important to keep the problem from progressing.

Types of Compression Garments

Each type of garment provides different benefits. Dr. Byrd will help you determine which design best fits your needs:

  • Circular & Flat Knit- These compression stockings are relatively thin and have multiple angles of stretch.  Circular-knit garments stretch along both the length and width of the garment and flat-knits have a seam and stretch in only two directions. These are best suited to large and abnormally shaped limbs. Many patients report that the flat-knit’s design provides a more comfortable fit.
  • Micro Massaging-Stockings with a textured-knit material which micro moves the lymphatic fluid by massaging the top layer of skin.  Moving makes the garment stretches the top layer of skin and promotes better circulation.
  • Inelastic – Stockings made of non-stretch material basically bandaging the limbs. They are used to prevent swelling.  Velcro is used to hold the garment in place.
  • Short Stretch – These rate in pressure between the micro-massaging and the inelastic stockings.
  • Post-Surgical – After lipedema surgery, special garments are worn to allow the body to heal. 
  • Nighttime – Dr. Byrd recommends that some patients wear compression garments day and night. The nighttime garments are thicker and stop swelling at night by breaking up fibrotic tissues. These garments are made of spandex wicking fiber and can be bulky. It takes a while to get used to them but there are benefits. 

If you are in pain and wish to get relief, call Dr. Byrd’s office and schedule an appointment to get her professional opinion and treatment suggestions. There is help for you. The Lipedema Surgery Center is conveniently located. Patients come from all over the U.S. to be treated. 

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