Lipedema diet plans immediately sends a trigger of “Oh No”, here’s another doctor that’s going to tell me I have to go onto a diet to lose this fat. Dr. Marcia Byrd, a lipedema surgeon who has helped thousands of patients through lipedema surgery,  knows how hard it is for Lipedema patients. She is very sympathetic and can understand you have probably been on every diet out there to try and lose the fat  from your legs, ankles, waist, buttock and even arms.

The condition occurs almost exclusively in women, and usually starts or gets worse at the time of puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Because of this, there is likely a connection to hormones. Lipedema is not caused by obesity but more than half of patients with this condition are overweight or obese.

Can You Lose Weight With Lipedema?

The answer is, “yes”. However, because Lipedema fat is different than regular fat, it won’t be Lipedema fat that you lose. Lipedema is an adipose tissue disorder thought to affect around ten percent of the female population in America.

Lipedema Diet

Lipedema diet Dr. Marcia Byrd also understands that once she has diagnosed a patient with lipedema that a majority of those patients already have an unhealthy relationship with food. Many have tried a multitude of diets that all promised weight loss and slimmer bodies. Many even have eating disorders.

Lipedema patients not only have the disfiguring fat to deal with, they often are plagued with extreme pain, inflammation and swelling due to the condition. Once they make changes in their eating habits, they almost immediately reduce inflammation and swelling as well as much of the pain. Even so, good eating is one of the ultimate keys to fighting this disease.

Lipedema Diet Plans

We’ve all heard of Hippocrates who lived thousands of years ago.  He is often remembered by this phrase: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Many modern processed foods contain large quantities of chemicals, salt and sugar that can set off major inflammation and pain in our bodies. The links between poor diet and many chronic illnesses are now well established.

Diets seem to have negative connotations with most people and especially Lipedema Ladies! So it’s time for you all to start thinking like Hippocrates. It’s not a diet. It’s a new way of thinking. A change in your mind set.

You may need help. Dr. Byrd has sources she can recommend. If you have the Lipedema surgery, you want to keep your body looking and feeling great. That includes a long term eating plan as well as regular exercise. Get your mindset and set your goals!